About SLATE Topicals

SLATE topicals are the next generation of high performance body and skin care that bridge the gap between science and nature. Our products blend the healing power of cannabis with cutting-edge technologies to create the most advanced, cannabis-infused therapies. Our team of chemists and biologists combine premium-grade, distilled cannabis oils with a full spectrum of terpenes from our own genetic library to restore the body’s natural balance.


Our Products



SLATE Tinctures are cannabis extracts specifically designed to restore and relieve the body through your choice of consumption methods: topical or sublingual.


Wonder Balm

Made with peppermint oil and menthol, SLATE Wonder Balm may provide relief for sore muscles.


Blemish Eraser

A replenishing cream made with green tea and licorice root extract, SLATE Blemish Eraser may reduce redness and soothe tired skin.


Skin Care Lotion

SLATE Skin Care Lotion can be used daily, relieving the body with a rejuvenating blend of chamomile, green tea extract and cannabis.


Beauty Serum

SLATE Beauty Serum: a revitalizing and hydrating blend of cannabis extracts, coconut and squalane oil. Commonly used to ease symptoms of dry skin and dermatitis.

Where to find SLATE

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Commonwealth Alternative Care

30 Mozzone Boulevard

Taunton, MA 02780


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216 Ricciuti Drive

Quincy, MA 02169